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Prepare yourselves for your Greek Language Certification Exams (Certificate of Attainment in Greek, or Ellinomatheia) or just learn Greek!

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Our Teacher
Chrissoula Sariyianni

Graduate of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School Of Philology, working as a greek language teacher and as an examiner and grader at Ellinomatheia oral examinations. Preparing for 19 years, online and in person, students from all countries for all level greek language certifications.

Why you should learn Greek!

The learning of the Greek language and the cultural framework of the country are essential tools for your smooth integration into Greek society and your access to employment. By seeking the right education, you can attend the Greek language lessons offered both online and in person at our school and acquire the necessary knowledge skills needed to successfully integrate into Greek society and secure your future in the job market. By attending our private Greek lessons, you can participate in the Greek Language Certification Exams, also known as Certificate of Attainment in Greek or Ellinomatheia, and access the process of acquiring Greek long-term resident status!

What People Say About Us!

“l had a nice experience! I learned a lot of new things! Excellent class!”

Rajinder Bali, India


“Great Lesson. Fully delightful”

Bilal Hamis, Pakistan


“I  attended a class  for the B1 Level  . My teacher adapted the lesson to my needs, despite the fact that we have never been in the same classroom before. Furthermore the way she was teaching indicated to me how experienced the teacher was.  From our very first lesson I was taught many things. It was a wonderful experience!”

Niloufar Safizad, Iran


The Online Greek Language Lessons program is designed for all age groups and aims to prepare learners to:

Course duration is at least 100 lesson hours.

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